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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Three weekends of young culture from Northern Europe at the Schlei - SUSTAINABLE AND ACCESSIBLE.

A festival for Northern European culture, a unique attitude to life and a total of 12 festival days. Every year, the NORDEN - THE NORDIC ARTS FESTIVAL brings fantastic artists from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Poland as well as the Netherlands, Iceland and northern Germany directly to the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei. MUSIC, LITERATURE and STREET THEATRE, ART, CINEMA, CREATIVE WORKSHOPS and numerous SPORTING ACTIVITIES guarantee a festival experience for the whole family.
All with sustainability and accessibility in mind. It has even been official since 2023: NORDEN is the most sustainable festival in Germany (HELGA Festival Award)!


NORDEN Festival 2024 // Third cultural wave
The next cultural wave is here and we definitely haven't promised you too much: NORDEN 2024 is going to be awesome! ? We've been digging for a long time and finally got the go-ahead: JUPITER JONES are coming to NORDEN Festival 2024 with a full band. There's also a fixed date for a heavy SECRET HEADLINER - you can really look forward to that!
Impressive people and exciting readings await you in the culture tent - it's guaranteed not to be boring! And today we also present the first act in our Manege in the Park. In the next wave of culture, there will be a big wave of fantastic street theater - stay tuned!
NORDEN Festival 2024 // Second cultural wave
Are you ready for some big news from the NORDEN? There's a lot going on in the background at the moment and we're really excited to drop a few things on you again today.
Our booking team is working hard on the cultural program for NORDEN 2024, so that we can present you some new names in the line-up today. There are a few personal highlights from our team ? If only you knew what else we have in the pipeline. It's definitely worth telling everyone around you about NORDEN and getting them excited!
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