NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

European University Flensburg

Germany's northernmost university

Germany's northernmost university is a young university in the German-Danish border region. Founded in 1946 by the British, it was named a university in 2000 and since 2014 has been known as the "European University".
At present, about 6,000 students are studying in sixteen degree programmes. Internationally compatible semester periods support them in gaining international experience during their studies.

The European University of Flensburg focuses on teacher training, educational research and international management as well as interdisciplinary European studies and environmental sciences / sustainable development.

We are at the Norden Arts Festival with a lot of information and a work of art by Hanna Sophie Bonkat, a student at the B.A. Bildungswissenschaften (B.A. in Educational Sciences) with the sub-programmes Art and Visual Media as well as German.
European University Flensburg