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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Felting & Spinning with Arche Warder

Felting and spinning with natural wool from the Arche Warder sheep

Wool is a natural, renewable and regional raw material for clothing, which unfortunately only accounts for less than 2% of world fiber production. Many garments that look like wool are actually made of synthetic fibers that release microfibers with each wash. We want to take a closer look at raw wool with its great properties. Each participant can spin a thread from the sheep's wool with a hand spindle to take home as a bracelet. Or make a small felt ball.

Arche Warder is more than just an animal park: a stay with our animals, whether with the woolly pig, the Poitou donkey or the Angler cattle in our near-natural landscape animal park makes you happy and decelerates you. Visitors can experience an intensive encounter with animals through direct contact (e.g. petting, feeding, touching). The Warder Ark is a conservation project for the preservation of biodiversity (the diversity in livestock breeds).
Felting & Spinning with Arche Warder
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