NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Why am I Here and what should I do here?

RECASE Regenerative Energie GmbH, SPR Energie GmbH, watt_2.0 e.V.

We have to talk, we think - as citizens and also as renewable drivers! Sustainability and responsible management are close to our hearts and are the basis for our and the following generations. We all know that almost everything we need and do has to do with energy and raw materials. But, where do these come from if we think of sustainable sources and not mining and thus consumption? What is already happening in the country and beyond? How can we become part of the transformation and together recognize and benefit from the energy transition? We invite you to discuss solar and wind as well as flowering meadows and car sharing under "Renewable.Future.Now" and to get to know energy from many sides during our workshop on the first 4 festival days.

Marten Seifert
Frank Groneberg
Mai-Inken Knackfuß
Why am I Here and what should I do here?