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Less is more - microplastics on our coasts

Input from Lauren und Caro, Weniger ist meer

How much microplastic is in the oceans on our doorstep - that's what Caro and Lauren are interested in. They report on their initiative, their ideas and experiences.

weniger ist meer (, that's Caro and Lauren from Flensburg. They actively campaign for more environmental protection, are passionate sailors and love the sea.
Lauren is an industrial engineer for energy and environmental management and has been addicted to the sea for several years, sailing ships mainly in the Arctic. Here she has conducted many beach collections in cooperation with the Alfred Wegener Institute.

Caro is a biologist with heart and soul and in her professional life she works out environmental assessments and protection concepts especially in the area of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. She likes to combine animal and nature observation and recording with sailing on old ships.
Less is more - microplastics on our coasts