NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Between waste separation and zero waste

a barn talk with Dr. Christine Börtitz (EUF), Frauke Eysell (ASF), Jennifer Timrott (replace Plastic)

Is it enough to separate our waste or should the goal be zero waste, i.e. not producing any waste in the first place? What does that mean for us and our environment? And how do we actually want to live? Our guests will discuss these questions on the podium. Join the discussion! The Barn Talk will be moderated by Alex Diendorf.

Guests on the podium:

Dr. Christine Börtitz, teaches and researches at EUF with a focus on botany, ecology and biodiversity. Frauke Eysell works in public relations and environmental education at Waste Management Schleswig-Flensburg.

Jennifer Timrott is committed to combating plastic waste in the sea in the association Küste gegen Plastik e.V., which developed the app Replace plastic, among other things. Pascal Hagemüller opened Hygge, his unpackaged store in Harrislee, shortly before the corona pandemic.
Between waste separation and zero waste