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ZKNFT - Solar energy for home

How to Photovoltaics - CitizenSolarConsulting as Extended Neighborhood Assistance

In this lecture, you'll learn the PV basics & when it pays to install solar. And you will be empowered to share the knowledge.

As a non-profit association, BobenOp - Klima und Energiewende e.V. is committed to climate protection and energy transition in the region. They forge ideas for projects ranging from ride-sharing banks to electricity pools, from humus build-up to local heat supply, from bicycle competitions to tiny house parks and citizen solar consulting.

BürgerSolarBeratung is one of the prize winners in the "Set Sail 2021" education competition. It was honored for its approach to training and mentoring volunteer advisors who now provide free, compact initial advice on solar power generation in their communities.

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ZKNFT - Solar energy for home