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ZKNFT - Marine protection as a task for the future

How projects and networks contribute to the protection of the oceans with the Ocean Summit Kiel

Decades later, marine conservation is as topical as it was then: in more and more areas, the ocean and its resources are being accessed without regard for the limits of stress and the consequences for the oceans and its inhabitants. We illuminate, in

Politics and business often only react to pressure from the population. Here we will shed light on where marine protection must go today, how projects and networks are working towards this through NGO work, and how everyone can contribute to active, effective marine protection themselves.

The speaker Stefanie Sudhaus is a marine biologist and has been working for the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) in Schleswig-Holstein for 10 years as a marine conservation officer and head of various marine conservation projects.
ZKNFT - Marine protection as a task for the future