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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Kreativ Strik

Creative recycling with Mette Larsen (DK)

On this workshop we are going to recycle and make new items. Recycling is up in time and concerns us all. In this workshop we will try to create something you haven’t seen before. Mette Larsen works a lot with recycling while I knit and crochet. We should never throw away any clothes or fabrics – there are a lot of opportunities.She will bring stockins – and you can bring some too. Sixe 10-12-15, you can also bring fabric, shirts, scarfs. Light materials.

Mette Larsen is a rebel of knitting which in short means that she handles the knitting from other angles than you would expect. She never unpick stitches – the stitches which has already been knitted you do not knit again! This is not a principle but a lifestyle. In 2015 she participated in ”The Great Knit Off” on Danish Television’s “TV Syd” channel. This experience opened new doors for her. Now she travels round Denmark, The Faroe Islands making speeches and doing workshops. In August 2020 she has been invited to Norway doing a workshop. “Nolimits Knitting” has come to stay. Her knitting has no limits and her approach is different. Her motto is “Process before product”

Kreativ Strik
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