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REFASHION - deltabag - unique items from flying kites

Handmade from Hamburg by a hang glider pilot and his team

deltabag - clever bags and backpacks with altitude air. Light as cloud !
upcycled from real flying kites
About us:
deltabag exists since 2019 and is a small family business from Hamburg. The passion for kite flying made us aware of the material of flying kites: Dacron. Water-repellent, robust and yet extremely light - what is already essential for conditions in the air should not simply disappear in the garbage can as soon as the kites are no longer airworthy. That's why we recycle the material in our backpacks, shopping bags and toiletry bags.
There are bags that used to be car tires, truck tarps or advertising on scaffolding. No matter what, our deltabag was a real flying kite in its former life, a hang glider. It could be that your bag was flying through the air just a few weeks ago. deltabags are bags that actually once flew through the air. As kites with your pilot, who surely enjoyed many wonderful hours with it. Every flight of fancy has an end? Think again. Our flying kites do not land on the garbage, but on our backs, wheels or shower rods! Handmade in Hamburg.
At deltabags you will find sustainable unique items: from small toilet bags to backpacks, shopping bags, motorcycle covers to custom-made products such as shower curtains or canopies for caravans - all made from the sails of disused kites and hang gliders.

deltabag is part of the project "REFASHION" from 24 to 27.08.2023 at the sales stand "Barn" next to the cinema!
REFASHION - deltabag - unique items from flying kites
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