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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

SUMMER OF CO-CREATION - Smart Border Region

Digitalization at your fingertips and a chance to help shape the Smart Border Region

The "Smart Border Region" is on the road between the seas this summer. And at the end of our "Summer of CoCreation 2023" we are guests at the NORDEN!
We offer hands-on digitalization and want to show you how citizens can mine data treasures, what mobility of the future can look like, or what "Maker Education" means.
The goal of the Smart Border Region model project is to shape the digital transformation in the interest of all of us in order to become a sustainable Smart Region.
Take the opportunity to actively shape your Smart Border Region. Together, we will form a Citizen Science community that can contribute to the future development of the region through its own data collection and analysis and discuss important ethical issues around data use and processing.
From 07 - 10.09.2023 at the Green Pavilion.
SUMMER OF CO-CREATION - Smart Border Region
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