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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Stefan Rychlak in conversation with Thomas Losse-Müller

Dry humor, cool temper, not a word too many - that's the North German. Or so they say. But we still manage to have good conversations! NORDIC TALKING is about political and personal issues. Our guests are inspiring northerners who are committed to change and Nordic cohesion - learn more about their visions, goals and how they use their very personal experiences to make the region even better: How are you shaping the North? And what is the North doing to you?

The moderator of the series is journalist STEFAN RYCHLAK. He has worked at ARD-aktuell in Hamburg for more than 20 years, and is chief of staff in the tagesschau newsroom. Rychlak works in the Hanseatic city, lives in Schleswig-Holstein and wants honest announcements at Nordic Talking: Nu ma Butter bei die Fische!

In conversation with Thomas Losse-Müller
The government postpones, the opposition takes hold: Instead of Minister of Economics Claus Ruhe Madsen, SPD faction leader and opposition leader Thomas Losse-Müller is the premiere guest at Nordic Talking.
Thomas Losse-Müller seizes the opportunity to pay a spontaneous visit to Northern Europe's largest music and culture festival. He ran against Daniel Günther in the 2022 state elections, then went into opposition, where he has since held up a mirror to the black-green government - his demand: "We need to invest in a strong state that solves the current problems for the people."
"Opposition is crap," his party colleague Franz Müntefering once said - what drives Thomas Losse-Müller? How does he plan to stand up to the government? And what kind of guy is the prime minister's opponent? We'll ask him - on Thursday, at 7:30 p.m., at Nordic Talking!
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