NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Making pop-up cards

Hosted by Antje von Stemm

You are surely familiar with pop-up books, but have you ever tried making your own threedimensional paperwork of art? Illustrator and paper engineer Antje von Stemm will show you how it's done! She will offer two basic models: an easy one for the clumsy and inexperienced tinkerer and one model for the advanced tinkerer.

For this purpose we will have a collection of different types of paper - among these are last year's NORDEN post cards. This way, your card will turn into a true upcycling unicum!

Maybe you'll write a few quick greetings on it and send it to a friend right here from the festival? We will have the necessary postage and special mailbox ready for you.  

We welcome visitors from the age of 7 as well as younger children who are accompanied by an adult. 

Making pop-up cards