NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Repair café Schleswig

By repairing items, we economise on electricity and water!

At repair café TiLo Schleswig, we have been repairing damaged everyday objects and utensils since 2013. We oppose industrial strategies of planned obsolescence and we are taking a stand against a disposable society. We support waste avoidance and work on a voluntary basis. 

In addition to the technical and the resource protection component, repair cafés are also social meeting places. Repairs will be made in cooperation with the person who brings the damaged item in order to provide them with an understanding of the cause of error and remedial maintenance. 

Repairs are often dismissed because consumers lack repair knowledge. This is why producs that could be successfully repaired at the repair café are discarded. In addition, many products are deliberately difficult to repair, but mostly, only components that cost very little are damaged. After these have been replaced, the device will regain its proper function. 

Damaged pieces of clothing like your favorite sweaters and jackets, pieces of furniture like chairs or lampshades, and souvenirs like toys or tube radios are also part of our repertoire. 

At NORDEN Festival, we will give practical examples. 

Repair café Schleswig