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Learning by loading with Rainer Lüth

Challenge your brain. Having fun and moving the body causes a bright mind.

Rainer Lüth challenges body and mind with his VICU. It starts with a basic task that stimulates the brain to learn through targeted expansion of the task.
The term and at the same time the name of his company "lebylo® - learning by loading" comes from Rainer Lüth himself and is quasi his invention. By "loading" he means the principle of always adding something on top of what has already been learned. He uses the various elements that make up learning and combines them in different ways. It is important to know that learning does not consist of the monotonous memorization of, for example, vocabulary or arithmetic. Rather, learning means combining different things in order to find solutions and to consolidate and expand on this knowledge. Joy and fun are helpful for motivation.
Learning by loading  with Rainer Lüth