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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Svavar Knútur (ISL)

If you‘ve been a lucky witness of a performance by Svavar Knútur, it will stick in your memory for a long time.

His gigs are an emotional rollercoaster ride. They can bring you close to tears and make you cry with laughter. Icelandic songwriter and entertainer Svavar Knútur is a multifaceted musician who thrills every audience with his lightness and overwhelming sympathy. He presents his songs in a touching manner and tells the most absurd stories, laced with a due portion of black, Icelandic humor. Svavar likes to refer to himself as a public health troubadour: "You know, I'm the broccoli of Singer-Songwriters. Not the sexiest of the vegetables but veeeery good for you!" Svavar Knútur sings of the life along the rough Icelandic western fjord that may be tough but far from bleak. At NORDEN Festival, he will be accompanied by a bassist.

Svavar Knútur (ISL)
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