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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Mats Wawa (NOR)

The Norwegian band Mats Wawa play rock music full of guileless energy, with a nonchalant attitude and maximum soul.

Mats Wang had never played with anyone else and hardly written any songs, when he was booked for the Trondheim Calling festival in 2015. You might almost say he was thrown in at the deep end and, after a very short time, the band Mats Wawa was formed. In 2016, they released two EPs, followed by the wonderfully psychedelic album “Mild Nights” in 2017. Their EP “Scuzz”, their first international release via Black Pop Records, has been inspired by bands like The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and George Harrison. Mats Wawa want to perform catchy, raw rock music, that knows no boundaries and is characterized by its retro sound. They want to enjoy themselves and remain accessible so that there’s always room for fun. Do not miss!
Mats Wawa (NOR)
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