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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Niels Frevert

Don’t talk about love, madness, or pain. Live and feel instead, but don’t talk about it. This could be the premise of Niels Frevert’s creative work.

The new album “Paradies der gefälschten Dinge” offers these grand moments in abundance, moments that surprise and overwhelm the listener – precisely because they do not announce themselves with common emotional rhetoric. Via the detour of lie and self-deception, they reach the heart of truth. And because they lead from everyday life and language straight into the abyss and its horrors.

Just listen to the song "Muscheln", which, accompanied by a warm tremolo guitar, tells us how someone buys shells and receives the salesman’s advice: "Leave the bag open so that the animals can get them". Then the shellfish buyer has an accident with his bicycle, the shellfish are scattered on the street and, yes: they are exposed to air. Meanwhile Frevert sings: "And from heaven the violins sighed". After the accident, the first-person narrator is in hospital and has to be artificially ventilated. A pop song, told from the coma, and yes, that does work. At least with Niels Frevert.

Niels Frevert
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