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Club der polnischen Versager (POL)

»Poland is not yet lost?«

This time, the satire-show of »Club der polnischen Versager« is looking ahead. In the year 2118, Poland will be reunited. The dramatic circumstances of the divide (2058) and the story about a silent hero of Polish reunification, the involvement of Germany and the prospective European Republic, and the ways all of this is related to populism, will be resolved by Adam Gusowski and Piotr Mordel – and of course they will also present revealing films and photographs.

Graphic artist and publisher Piotr Mordel and author and journalist Adam Gusowski are two of the founding members of Club der polnischen Versager, which was started in 2001 by Polish artists living in Berlin. Their goal is the cultural exchange between Germany and Poland. After 16 successful years, the club has turned into a multimedia work of art.

»Club der polnischen Versager« on CPV: “Sometimes you just have to admit that yes, we have been living a balancing act for decades. Ours is a German-Polish one. In this balancing act we feel at home and can, looking at the ground and looking at both countries (culture, social affairs, economy and sport), draw various lessons for all of us.” CPV – that much is clear – has not failed, but is doing decidedly successful integration work.

Club der polnischen Versager (POL)
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