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Vivie Ann

"When The Harbour Becomes The Sea“

A life that is too straightforward doesn’t make for good stories. That's why we're lucky that Vivie Ann's life is always a mess. "When The Harbour Becomes The Sea" is the title of the essence she has distilled from the chaos of her life. It's all about those turbulent moments - when the safe harbor becomes a stormy sea, the solid ground under your feet turns into raging waves and endless depth.

The result sounds strikingly mature, but also wild and unpolished. The opener “Cold Water“ serves as a striking example. Vivie openly sings about the chaos that is her life, before the chorus erupts with unexpected euphoria. “I‘d do it all again, I‘d do it all again.“ This is exactly the twist by which Vivie turns everything into the positive: A pronounced  “Yes“ to all the chaos, the unplanned, the unwanted, that at first glimpse may seem catastrophic. Jumping into the cold water and learning to swim.

With exactly this uncompromising attitude, Vivie Ann wants to captivate her audience once more. In her live shows, she presents finest pop music of her own special kind: wild, emotional, fragile, made with love and honest from scratch.

Vivie Ann