NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Kunst von der Rolle: Johannes Caspersen

DRUCKWERKE-NORD: Impressive, fresh from the press, and ... completely out of it!

Under the guidance of Johannes Caspersen, we will be printing on solid paper from the paper roll using different techniques. Everyone (from the age of 8) is invited to produce a simple stamp or woodcut (from waste timber) or work with printing blocks that will be provided. This way, every participant can perpetuate themselves on the "never-ending" paper web. Because this printed work will take some time to dry, we will be printing until the first results have stopped adhering. By then, the print will have grown to an impressive length of five meters! Every participant will receive a printed piece from the dry zone. Attention: it will be a different one than the one you have printed yourselves!

This give-and-take is a random generator full of surprises, like a journey into unknown territory. Every piece will be officially numbered and signed as an original of the printed work spanning 100 meters.

We will charge 5 Euros per participant for the material.

Kunst von der Rolle: Johannes Caspersen