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Tina Lang: Katja Pantzar (FIN)

Finding Sisu: In Search of Courage, Strength and Happiness the Finnish Way

People in Finland gain their strength and endurance through the unique nature that surrounds them. Tina Lang, a Finland expert and tourism expert, considers the
Land of a thousand lakes as their second home and tells - on the basis of many photos - what the Finnish "Sisu" is all about. She is also shown on passages
from the book "Sisu: The Finnish Way to Courage, Endurance and Inner Strength" by Finnish author Katja Pantzar, published in German in spring.
Because everyone can work on his or her own Sisu and get a bit of Finland into his or her mind. How does that work? That's what Tina Lang will tell and what she will say about it
breathtaking impressions of Finland between midsummer and polar night.

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Katja Pantzar had to cancel at short notice due to health reasons!

Tina Lang: Katja Pantzar (FIN)