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Katja Pantzar (FIN)

Finding Sisu: In Search of Courage, Strength and Happiness the Finnish Way

»Sisu« is what the Finnish call extreme perseverance and dignity in the face of adversity. When Katja Pantzar moves to Finland, she quickly realizes that its inhabitants have a very special attitude towards life. A curious person, she goes looking for the secret of sisu. She talks to scientists, activists, and friends about the Nordic way of living, literally plunges in at the deep end, and realizes that the best way to conduct a conversation is by being naked. This is how she wakes her own sisu, and she now describes how all of us, thanks to sauna, Liike on Lääke (motion as medicine), and basic nutrition can lead not only healthier, but also happier lives.

Katja Pantzar grew up in Canada. With stints in the UK and New Zealand, she is currently based in Helsinki. She is a journalist for Finnish and British media (radio, TV, web services). After initial scepticism, she has become an avid supporter of swimming in winter. 

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Katja Pantzar (FIN)