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Nicole Dau

Glück ist in der kleinsten Hütte

Free and happy on 25 square meters. When Nicole Dau and her husband Carsten realize that they are burnt out by living in the city and want to spend more time in nature, they make a plan. They give notice to quit their city apartment in winter and start building their Tiny House in Wendland ... almost entirely without professional assistance, with their own hands, and for the most part using material that they have been gifted and which needs to be upcycled and treated. In many hours of manual labor, they turn an old GDR construction trailer into a cosy home. They never regret their decision and they are happy about living close to nature, two hours from Hamburg.  

Nicole will be talking about her Tiny House project, about which she has written a book: »Glück ist in der kleinsten Hütte«. She will also be showing photographs of the construction of her Tiny House. 

Nicole Dau has studied geosciences in Freiburg im Breisgau and Bremen. She is a consultant and a trend scout for a Hamburg-based communications agency. 

Nicole Dau