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Franziska Biermann

Jacky Marrone jagt die Goldpfote

Cunning fox and private investigator Jacky Marrone has an extraordinary good nose when it comes to tricky cases. His first case already falls into that category: Aurelia, the most expensive hen in the world, has been stolen from her luxury henhouse. Her owner, the widow Bolte, is heartbroken and charges Jacky with the recovery of her precious bird. But this turns out to be quite difficult...

Thank God there's Alice. She runs a specialist store for agent equipment and assists Jacky in the hunt for the delinquent, with a bottle of stocking drops and a can of spray rope. Will Jacky succeed in getting wise to the most wanted criminal of all times?

Author and illustrator Franziska Biermann will be presenting the first edition of her Jacky Marrone series and show pictures. Biermann's readings are highly amusing and enjoyed by all ages. Her work has been translated into 14 languages and her book-eating fox has become a great success and been published in places as far as Korea. Due to her love of foxes, Biermann has been dedicated to the adventures of Jacky Marrone since 2017. 

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Franziska Biermann