NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Short film by Benedikt Erlingsson

At this open air, we will present the film "Woman At War“ that has won many awards, as well as two early, excellent short films by the Icelandic director.

The Nail (12 minutes, Iceland, 2008, original with English subtitles)

Robert is an important person with a lot of resposibility. One day he has an accident and the line between man and monster within him begins to get blurry.

Thanks (12 minutes, Iceland, 2007, original with English subtitles)

Gunna is driving through a lonely neighborhood when suddenly she runs out of gas. Fortunately she discovers a car parked on the side of the road. Unsuspecting of the driver's plan to commit suicide, she asks him for help.

Short film by Benedikt Erlingsson