NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Danish short film

A documentary and an animation film from Denmark, presented in cooperation with Flensburger Kurzfilmtage.

Rain on Canvas

Documentary by Freja Nanadowa Rohde Monney, 15 minutes, Denmark, 2017

Goran loves gymnastics. He is a young Kurd and his idol is Jean-Claude Van Damme. Freja loves dancing and sleeping in her tent. She invites Goran on a camping trip. Turns out Goran knows quite a bit about tents. For ten years, he has lived in a refugee camp called No-mans-land. During their trip, they strike up an interesting conversation. 

Home Grown

Animation film by William Reynish, 21 minutes, Denmark, 2017

Home Grown is the story of a girl that has been evacuated from her home after a natural calamity. In search of her father, she returns to the contaminated area. She negotiates great internal and external obstacles and finds her way by confronting the daunting natural world. 

Danish short film