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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Animation for all ages

The crazy, fantastical characters that offer fun and provide existential experiences for all ages as well as the variety of techniques are inexhaustible.

Musical animation by Anna Gold, 5 minutes, Germany, 2011

Abstract forms unfold to electronic music. Visual music or constructivist paintings in motion. 


Animation by Antje Heyn, 7,5 minutes, Germany 2015

The tiny figure discovers that it can change itself and its surroundings by using a magic wand. This leads to quite a few entanglements that are stunning despite the minimalist drawings in black and white. 

Bei Nacht erwacht

Stop motion animation by Falk Schuster, 5 minutes, Germany 2017

At night when everyone is asleep, an enchanting world of forms with all kinds of funny creatures awakes in the children's room and in their world, there is a lot to discover. Only the approaching dawn can bring the nightly adventures to an abrupt end. But the next night is already waiting. 


Animation by Leonid Shmelkov, 5,5 minutes, Russia 2012

Enter a world without stasis in which life is shaped by the buoyant back and forth of its skipping inhabitants. 


Animation by Elena Walf, 6,5 minutes Germany, 2015

Oil, gold, and fire are the treasures of the proud giant mountains. The little mountain can hardly compete. The only thing it owns is this tiny, strange, and useless SOMETHING. 

Kleiner Großer Bär

Animation by Sarah Schulz, 5 minutes, Germany, 2018

The bear wobbles from book to book and discovers that true greatness is not related to size. 

Animation for all ages
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