NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Singer-songwriter slam

Meet Simon Nissen, Moritz Kruit and Select Captain

Talented musicians will hit the Garden Stage of NORDEN Festival

During prime time, young talents will come together and perform their own songs. The audience will subsequently evaluate the performances. A get-together of the up-and-coming music scene of the north, presented by festival host Selina Seemann.

You can look forward to

Simon Nissen - A little bit of everyday comedy, self-irony, now and then some big city romance, always determined and yet doubtful.

Moritz Kruit – Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and Schleswig Holstein’s equivalent of John Mayer und Bruno Mars.

Select Captain – A preference for the American songwriting tradition, he takes his listeners on a journey through a catchy but fragile musical universe.

Singer-songwriter slam