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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Mona Harry

Salz und Wind und Worte

She belongs to NORDEN Festival like Queen Victoria to Buckingham Palace. A few years ago, her »Liebesgedicht an den Norden« (love song to the North) became an internet hit and made sure that everyone knew: the North is the place to be! It is the best cardinal direction. At last year's festival, she presented her book »Norden und andere Richtungen«. Now she's back with her performance »Salz und Wind und Worte« (salt and wind and words) and those who know her know: it's going to be fantastic!

Mona Harry is a celebrated poetry slammer who regularly hosts poetry slams in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. She is also a regular author at the Kieler Lesebühne »Irgendwas mit Möwen«. She has illustrated and written a children's book, works for various educational projects, and is an art mediator at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. 

Mona Harry
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