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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Alwin Dombetzki

will be reading from Geschnittene Haut

A cut off leg is found at Gottorf Castle. Schleswig police are on high alert. Only one day later, a severed arm is found. Will these two gruesome discoveries continue or will even more body parts be found? Are the peculiar finds on the body parts indications of the unscrupulous killer or do the strange calls put the inspector on the right track? What does an ominous woman have to do with all this?

Alwin Dombetzki was born in 1968 in Lower Saxony and has been living in Schleswig-Holstein since 1991. Since 1996, he and his wife Rélana have run an advertising and event agency. They work as artists, graphic designers and photographers in Busdorf near Schleswig. He came to writing because he was annoyed at so many things about crime novels that in his own books, he decided to write everything the way he would do it differently. His action thrillers are set in Schleswig and feature real crime scenes and real Schleswigers.


Alwin Dombetzki
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