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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

The Late Call (SWE)

Melodies in the foreground: uplifting Swedish pop

"Late summer 2016 in Berlin. I'm spending three months in the capital, far away from my hometown of choice, Stockholm. In front of me is an instrument that I have looked at for years with as much fascination as awe - a piano." With these words Johannes Mayer aka The Late Call recalls the beginnings of the production of his now fifth album in the spring of 2020. After the release of "Golden" (Tapete Records, 2015), the songwriter for the first time eluded the cycle of "write album - record album - promote album - tour album - repeat" and took all the time for new inspiration. Mayer finally found this in the piano, which for the first time was to replace the guitar as the defining instrument on an album. The black and white keys opened up endless new possibilities for composing songs. So after a year of focused work with the instrument, which was new to him, Mayer entered Studio Nord in Bremen with enough material for a double album. The delicate arrangements were complemented by live band members Patric Thorman (bass), Lars Plogschties (drums) and guest musicians Julia Strzalek (alto saxophone, clarinet) and Emil Strandberg (trumpet).
The Late Call (SWE)
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