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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Victoria Helene Bergemann

Not good at imparting inner values.

Victoria Helene Bergemann is the shooting star of the German slam scene. She is currently touring the nation in support of her own solo show that she will present at NORDEN Festival. So far, she has won numerous awards, hosted her own slams, been in charge of a poetry slam project in Georgia hosted by the German embassy, and in 2017, she released a collection of texts titled “Basti hat behauptet, dass er gehört hätte, wie meine Mutter gesagt hat, dass ihr nicht so viel Dreck reintragen sollt”. She has a considerable repertoire of aversions at her disposal, directed at politicians of the CDU, meat eaters, Jehova’s witnesses, fat men in plaid shirts, and math teachers. On top of that, she’s hilariously good at making fun of herself. Victoria Helene Bergemann, who resides and studies in Kiel, will perform her new program “Innere Werte kann ich auch nicht”.
Victoria Helene Bergemann
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