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Filmfest Schleswig-Holstein Program

The Filmfest Schleswig-Holstein shows films and audio-visual works from the state and about the state - as a showcase for the diverse film scene in Schleswig-Holstein.

In Times of Teleportation: Germany 2019; Director: Henning Pulß; 15 min.

"In Times of Teleportation" a boy dreams of the space station above the earth. Meeting a girl brings him closer to this dream, because she lives there. What he doesn't know, however, is how complex teleporting is. He is, however, naturally willing to learn it.
"In Times of Teleportation" is written by Henning Pulß, who graduated as a scriptwriter from the Film Academy after studying physics. The film "In Times of Teleportation" is his second short film and premiered in the short film competition of the Max Ophüls Award in 2019. Pulß dreams of making a feature film in his hometown of Kiel.

Screenplay: Henning Pulß
Camera: Franz Kastner
Editing: Sebastian Riezler
Sound: Jessica Kahlhofer, Andrew Mottl
Music: Niels Wrasse
Contributors: Cem Yeginer, Nina Steils
Filmfest Schleswig-Holstein Program