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H. B. Nielsen (SWE)

Henric Beckenäs Nielsen is a modern-day wanderer who works through the experiences of his years of travel in different, artistic ways.

The story of H.B. Nielsen began many years ago when Henric moved from Sweden to New York to play college field hockey. It was a week before he picked up a guitar instead of a field hockey stick. He could only strum a few chords, yet started writing songs right away while also studying poetry and fiction. A few years later, writing and playing music took a back seat when he discovered tattooing. A hobby, which abruptly a steep career followed. Today, more than 60,000 people follow his work on Instagram.

Tattooing took him through Sweden, then around the world, and finally back to New York. In 2017, after the end of a long relationship, he bought a truck and left life in the city to travel the vastness of the United States, tattooing in friends' stores along the road. He stayed on couches and in roadside motels. He picked up the guitar again and wrote sketches of songs to pass the time at night. These ideas were the basis for what will be released in 2020 as his debut album, "Grand Opening."

After being away from home for over ten years, H.B. Nielsen moved back to Gothenburg in 2018 and slowed down his life. He took time to flesh out his ideas and turn them into songs. The music draws heavily from Americana and folk traditions, but also dips into indie and post-rock elements with ambient delays, thick reverbs and layers of looping during live performances. Nothing may have had as great an influence on H.B. Nielsen's music as the complexities of his troubled last few years. Musically we feel pleasantly reminded of his compatriot Daniel Norgren, who transfers folky blues into today's world in an equally independent and earthy way.
H. B. Nielsen (SWE)
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