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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Anete Melece (LV)

The kiosk - reading and workshop for all from 7 years old

Olga runs a kiosk in the middle of town. She knows her customers, and they all know her. The kiosk is her home, she embodies it completely and never leaves it. At night she lies in the kiosk and dreams of sunsets by the sea. When two boys try to steal from her, she tips over with her kiosk, picks herself up and walks - a kiosk on two legs - through the city. When she trips over a dog leash, she lands in the river with her little kiosk and floats downstream ...

Illustrator, comic artist and animator Anete Melece presents her brightly colored, witty and picture-perfect children's book "Der Kiosk" (Orell Füssli Verlag), which tells of a great longing. She will show excerpts from the animated film of the same name and offer a workshop afterwards: Paint your dream kiosk! For ALL ages 7 and up

With the kind support of Latvian Literature
Anete Melece (LV)
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