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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Lithuanian short films

Laurynas Bareiša has caused a stir at international film festivals with his short films.

His dark humour and sober narratives hark back to great Nordic cinema traditions. He was born in 1988 and is currently preparing his feature film debut. At the NORDEN FESTIVAL, three of his short films will be screened, proving the young filmmaker's talent and leaving a very special impression of the mood in his Baltic homeland.Kupranugaris (The Camel)Feature film, 2016, 14 minutesA camel dies in a local zoo. Keepers Paulius and Indre discover it and want to report the death. But the responsibilities seem to be more complicated than expected. Kaukazas(Caucasus)Feature film, 2018Teklė visits grandmother Dalia with her nine-year-old daughter Ema. Ema goes out with the grandmother's dog and explores the less familiar surroundings. Dalia sets out to find her granddaughter, driven by the feeling that something terrible may have happened.Atkūrimas(Dummy) Feature film 2020, 13 minutesA crime in the forest is re-enacted. The perpetrator has to recapitulate the course of events with a faceless dummy. The cool depiction of brutality is unbearable, but this game with power relations obviously follows its own dynamic.
Lithuanian short films
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