NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Anyone who attends a gig by the Hamburg trio Helgen and says afterwards that they were at an indie concert may be speaking the truth, but they are omitting crucial points.

For example, that on this evening he experienced three musicians who create soundscapes with a passion for detail. Areas in which one can lose oneself, like in the rugged mountains of post-rock, the colourful daydreams of the psychedelic Beatles phase or the fine, surreal branches of timeless pop art a'la Talk Talk.

So, too, that true experts are at work here, who nevertheless do not use their skills for a performance show, but to almost melt into a single instrument on stage, full of dynamics and joy of playing. Genuine artists for whom "indie" does not mean incompetence disguised as understatement, but independence in the truest sense of the word. This band plays, arranges and writes lyrics as they please. Away from all boundaries and expectations, but held together by a dramaturgical bracket.

Listening to Helgen not only at home, but also experiencing them live is a great enrichment. A rollercoaster of emotions, but with a decisive disadvantage compared to the album: Once the last note has faded away, you can't immediately put the concert back on again from the beginning, which feels like it has only just begun.