NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

#Walltangling Zentangle® XXL

with Beate Winkler

Come by and watch the relaxing Zentangle drawing method go big before your eyes. The artist / author draws freehand and is happy to answer questions about this artful drawing technique.

What is normally created on small cards (Tile), is brought to the wall in XXL at this action! The worldwide trend theme Zentangle is about simple strokes that are drawn repeatedly. Anyone can learn it quickly, without any prior knowledge, it is fun for adults and children alike.

By concentrating on just one line, everything else fades out, you relax directly. Almost automatically, beautiful, graphic 3D patterns (tangle) are created in a few steps, which in combination with other patterns grow together to form an artistic work.
Look over her shoulder as large Zentangle ornaments beautify the bare walls according to the motto: "Making art doable".

For the action we could win the Zentangle trainer trained in the USA, best-selling author and innovation prize winner of the Creative Impuls Award, 1st place Creative Tool (for StampCover®)
Beate Winkler.
#Walltangling Zentangle® XXL