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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

They owe us

The Swedes' music sounds like a warm yet fast-paced, calm yet untamed, gloomy yet pure, but above all a painfully sincere roller coaster ride.

After tours in Europe and some successes in the USA, it was time to record the second album. At this point they renewed themselves, with Kristoffer Ragnstam- known for decades for his DIY-attitude and accomplished productions- taking over as the producer while composer Anders Rane took over as the essential co-producer and musician. In addition to Rane, the cast also includes well-known names such as Timo Räisänen, Markus Hasselblom and Klabbe Hörngren are among the co-writers, as well as experienced musicians like Axel Sjöberg (Graveyard), Jennifer Israelsson (Honeymoon Disease), Viktor Turegård (Franska Trion) and Joel Lundberg. They all contributed their part to the sound world.
They owe us
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