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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Spoon & the Forkestra

A whimsical nostalgia surrounds the duo Spoon and the Forkestra.

The filigree bass lines of Mannheim's Timo Zell gently dance around the voice of Hamburg singer Emily-Mae Lewis, which is as haunting as it is fragile and seems to whisper its pictorial stories directly into the ears of the listeners. Folky elements meet a psychedelic melancholy, the freedom of punk meets the sensuality of jazz and soul. We experience a musical embrace -always a bit beautiful and at the same time a bit gnawing; an intensity that resonates long and makes you feel. Spoon and the Forkestra transform their stages into a playroom: colorful and always a little messy, but infused with somber shadows dancing on the walls. In late January, they released their third single, The Flaws of Attraction, a song like a slow-motion recording of a fall from a great height. In the music video, the song is illustrated by a seemingly endless falling trapeze performance.
Spoon & the Forkestra
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