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Sarah Weiss

Singer-songwriter Sarah Weiss takes advantage of a very special year in history to bring to life melodies already long hidden within her.

Music and Sarah really found each other 15 years ago. The native of Flensburg writes songs on the piano or guitar that tell stories from life. They are sincere and sometimes thoughtful lyrics that allow a lot of interpretation "between the lines".
It is a mixture of Sarah's special voice, a lot of emotions and an authentic, not affected own style that touches people.
The fun-loving, small and self-aware woman sinks into her music. The melodies are catchy and the long lasting influences of indiefolk and indiepop, are well recognizable.
So if you like to be deeply touched by music and attentively follow your voice and instrument, you've come to the right place.
In April 2021 Sarah released her first single "13" followed by "Future Yard" at the end of May.
She is currently in the middle of producing her first album.
The musical journey is about to begin.
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Sarah Weiss