NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Eva Almstädt

Ostseegruft - Pia Korittki's fifteenth case

Detective Pia Korittki investigates this time in her most personal case.
Her school friend is found in a stream behind a weir - on her morning jog - drowned. The death is declared in the files as an accident. A circumstance that not only makes the commissioner wonder, Kirsten was very athletic and in top shape. At the funeral, a visibly moved stranger claims that the death was not an accident, but murder - and disappears without a trace. Pia Korittki finds out that the old friend felt persecuted and was very afraid. And then the ex-wife of the widower claims thatan attempt was made on her life during their marriage... 

As part of the campaign #zweiterfruehling by, sponsored by NEUSTART CULTURE
Eva Almstädt