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Kristof Magnusson

reads "Ein Mann der Kunst"

The novel centers on - or enthrones - the world-famous painter K. D. Pratz, who has long lived in seclusion in a castle in the Rheingau and devoted himself to his work. He is considered difficult and eccentric and refuses to be taken in by the culture industry. He wants nothing to do with the world, mendacious as it is. When an art museum wants to dedicate an entire annex to his work, his artist ego cannot resist and is forced to receive members of the sponsoring association. For not everyone agrees on the importance of the artist. The excursion of the association to the artist's mountain turns into an extremely funny and abysmal clash of ardent, bourgeois interest in art and cultural pessimistic contempt for the world. Magnusson illuminates the depths of the culture and art business in a highly amusing, cheerful and pointed way.

Kristof Magnusson, born in Hamburg in 1976, trained as a church musician, worked in homeless aid in New York and studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. He writes novels, plays and translates from Icelandic. "Ein Mann der Kunst" is Magnusson's fourth novel, published by Antje Kunstmann.

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Kristof Magnusson
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