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Rams (ISL)

Icelandic perseverance depicted in a tragic comedy (original title: Hrútar, directed by Grímur Hákonarson, feature film, Iceland 2015, 93 minutes)

The brothers Gummi and Kiddi are the sons and heirs of a sheep breeding dynasty. In close vicinity to each other, they share the family compound with no one but their sheep and yet haven’t spoken to each other for forty years. Kiddi is a hothead known to fire at his brother’s windowpane, while Gummi is a kind of endearing loner, and when a suspected incurable sheep disease is verified, all farmers of the valley have to suffer the consequences: they are obliged to kill their animals. While Gummi finds a way to cope, Kiddi turns to alcohol. Heartfelt film, told with plenty of dry wit, and especially convincing in its tragic moments. Icelandic original with German subtitles
Rams (ISL)
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