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the boondocks (EST)

Flirty Rock'n'Roll

Since their humble beginnings in 2012 in their native coastal town Pärnu, the Estonian indie rockers The Boondocks have built quite a resume for themselves. Their catalogue includes three critically acclaimed full-length albums – “USB” (2014), “Thriller“ (2016), and “How to Build a Love Bomb” (2018)”- a steady output of fresh singles and beautiful cinematography. Drawing influences from British guitar pop, post-punk, and early R’n’B, The Boondocks is a multi-layered and nuanced affair. Theirs is a gritty, hard-hitting, guitar-oriented rock’n’roll sound with all its rough and rebellious connotations projected against the backdrop of their polished image, rivieraesque pop melodies, biting wit, and laid-back grooves. Flirting with old-school rock’n’roll in all its diversity and richness, The Boondocks has gained attention from listeners and critics alike. The alternative music station Raadio 2 has prized them with both the Best New Artist award (2016) and the Album of the Year award (2018). In 2017, the band was voted as the Audience Favourite at Tallinn Music Week. Having thus assured themselves a firm position in the local rock scene, The Boondocks are currently hard at work at gaining traction in the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and beyond.
the boondocks (EST)
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