NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Moritz Kruit

Freshly baked fivefold award winner of the German Rock Pop Award! The name says it all about this exceptional artist: Kruit (Dutch) = gunpowder.

When he goes on stage he ignites a musical firework of the top class. A voice to melt away, a guitar playing to fall in love with and an aura that could not be more luminous, charismatic and honest. In thunderous applause and even after the umpteenth encore, his audience reluctantly lets him go.

The multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter does not allow himself to be pigeonholed into any musical genre - rather, he is at home in the most diverse musical genres.

And it is exactly this diversity that makes him stand out and is refreshing for every ear.
Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet - sometimes happy, sometimes sad - sometimes rocky, sometimes ballad - sometimes in German, sometimes in English - Nevertheless, everything sounds like him. He likes to describe his mixture as "soulpop".
Moritz Kruit