NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Lily - light installation floating on water

WERC Collective is a multidisciplinary art collective from the Netherlands existing of Olav Huizer, Joachim Rümke and Jelle Valk. The collective focuses on designing and developing (digital) media in relation to art, science and technology.

Lily is a light installation that floats on the water surface. This digital organism consists of hundreds of light balls that subtly change in colour. They float on the surface of the water and communicate with each other. Each Lily is able to communicate with its environment using sensors. The movement of the water, the temperature and the size of the group influence the behavior of each individual Lily.
Lily floats on a dark and flat lake and makes constantly changing images. The Lilys make their own choices, creating unpredictable and complex light patterns. These impressive light patterns, which are distorted by the soft reflection of the water, provide a magical experience for the viewer.
Visitors compare looking at Lily to looking at a starry sky: the longer you look, the more you see.
Lily - light installation floating on water