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"I was young and needed the scream". That's how it sounds when singer and songwriter Cäthe talks about the first years of her career. Now, after a long, restful break, she's back with "Chill Out Punk," her first album since 2015's "Vagabond," out January 14 on Cäthes own label, Träum Weiter! Records".

Cäthes new songs deal with the big themes of love, life, aging, womanhood, everyday life, fears in a way that one rarely encounters in German pop. Free of pathos and yet inspired by great feelings. Witty, without relying on ha-ha rhymes or polished punchlines. Combative and at the same time at peace with itself - which brings us back to the title "Chill Out Punk". Perhaps the best example of this is the first single, "Warum darum." A close dissection of a relationship, which after the burning intro must now exist in everyday life. In which you have to endure the mistakes, the doubts and the twisted expectations of society, riddled with sexism.
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