NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


When you listen to it, there are moments when you think of Django Reinhardt, and there are moments when you think of nothing at all, because the music carries you away, like a night that gets out of control.

The music of Danube's Banks is for dancing, for celebrating, for dreaming, for friends, for lovers, against wanderlust, for adventurers, for drinking, for living, for crying, for forgetting. This is music from the banks of the Danube, where it is still allowed to be wild, in the east, towards the sunrise. It sounds crazy, but maybe these six Hamburgers are a bit crazy, too:
Jonathan Wolters on clarinet,
Jan-Hendrik Erbe on saxophone,
Benjamin Dau and Timo Zett on guitar,
Jenny Mattsson on double bass,
Malte Müller on drums.
Sometimes they sing in German, sometimes in English, sometimes the clarinet sings. Words fail when trying to describe this music. You can only hear it.